Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Skills & Employment Policies and Procedures

PP00a – Subcontracting Policy 2023/24

PP00b – AEB Provision Tuition Fee Policy

PP00c Subcontractor Credit Reference Checks

PP01 Quality Assurance Improvement Framework

PP02 Health and Safety 2023/24


PP02c Visit and Activity Risk Assessement 2023/24

PP02d RA PhysicalActivity 2023/24

PP02e -RiskAssessScreeningExternalSpeakers


PP02g – Work-Placement-Initial-Assessment

PP02h – Critical Incident Plan Inc. Evacuation/Lockdown

PP02i – Covid 19 – Outbreak Management Communication Plan




PP05 Equality and Diversity

PP06 Information Security



PP07b The Principles of Working Safely Online 2023/24

PP08 Bullying and Harassment Policy 2023-24

PP09 Information Advice Guidance 2023/24

PP10 Assessment 2023/24

PP10a Achievement Non Accd Learning inc Non reg

PP11 Information Learning Technology

PP12 Learning Support

PP12a Learning Support Application Procedure

PP12b Learning Support Application Form

PP12c Learner Support and Application

PP13 – Comments, Compliments & Complaints

PP14 Learner Withdrawal

PP14a Attendance Punctuality

PP15 Lone Working 2023/24

PP15a Lone Working Guidelines

PP16 Performance Management of Staff

PP17 – Sustainability

PP17a- Sustainable Practice Action Plan


PP20 – Stakeholder Consultation

PP21 – Business Continuity Plan

PP23 Modern Slavery 1

PP23a Workplace Violence

PP24 Document Retention Guidelines

PP25 Progression

PP28 – Remote completion of registration forms


IQA Policies


06. Registration and Certification Policy 2023-24

07. Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy 2023-24

08. Learner Appeals Policy 2023-24

09. Appeals Process 2023-24

10. Conflict of Interest policy 2023-24

11. Contingency Plan Policy 2023-24

12. Learner Journey 2023-24

13. RARPAP Policy 2023-24