Policies & Procedures

  • Skills & Employment’s Policies and Procedures

Statement of Service

PP00a – Subcontracting Policy

PP00b – AEB Provision Tuition Fee Policy

PP00c – Subcontractor Credit Reference Checks

PP01 – Quality Assurance Improvement Framework)

PP02 – Health and Safety

PP02a – Course Risk Assessment inc Covid-19


PP02c – Visit and Activity Risk Assessement

PP02d- Risk Assessment Part Physical Activity

PP02e -Risk Assess Screening External Speakers

PP02f- Risk Assess Check For Hiring External Venues

PP02g – Work Placement – Initial Assessment

PP02h- Learning Venue-Critical Incident Plan

PP02i – Overarching organisational COVID-19 Risk Assessment – face to face

PP02j – Work Placement Risk Assessement

PP03 – Safeguarding Policy

PP03a – Prevent Duty Action Plan

PP04a- Safeguarding Report – Blank Proforma

PP04b – Incident Report Form

PP04c – Critical Incident Plan (inc evac & lockdown)

PP05 Equality and Diversity

PP06 – Information Security

PP07 – Online Safety

PP07a – Cyber-bullying

PP07b -The Principles of Working Safely Online

PP08 – Bullying & Harrassment

PP09 – Information, Advice & Guidance

PP10 – Assessment

PP10a – Achievement Non-Acc’d Learning inc Non-reg

PP11 – Information Learning Technology (ILT)

PP12 – Learning Support

PP12a- Learning Support Application Procedure

PP12b – Learning Support Application Form

PP12c – Learner Support and application

PP13 – Comments, Compliments & Complaints

PP14 – Learner Withdrawal

PP14a – Attendance & Punctuality

PP15 – Lone Working

PP15a – Lone Working Guidelines

PP16 – Performance Management of Staff

PP17 – Sustainability

PP17a- Sustainable Practice Action Plan

PP18 – Volunteering

PP19 – Business Continuity Plan

PP20 – Stakeholder Consultation

PP21 – Engagement and Consultation Calendar

PP22 – Workplace Violence

PP23 – Modern Slavery

PP24 – Document Retention Guidelines

PP25 – Progression

PP26 – Document Retention Guidelines

PP27 – Progression

PP28 – Remote completion of registration forms

PP29 – Pound Plus

PP30 – Remote completion of registration forms

PP31 – Covid Guide for Learners

PP32 – Image Consent form – Supported Internships

PP33 – Subcontractor Credit Reference Checks